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(1930 - 1972)
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While Geetaji was continuing to have marital problems she still maintained her singing tempo. She sang for nearly 40 movies in 1958. Most of these songs were on the mark and on the hit parade for a long time. If anything these songs prove, it is that Geetaji’s vocal mystique that was so unique has been in the public eye so long even today they enjoy immense popularity.

During this year Lataji and Burmanda had a fallout with each other. He wanted Geetaji to pick up the slack but with all the personal problems Geetaji was having she became very unreliable. She would be late for recording sessions. She would not rehearse properly. It was widely believed at this juncture that Geetaji took up drinking to find comfort and solace and even if temporarily, to escape from all of her problems. Burmanda was a man of little tolerance and lived by certain principles all his life. With this type of attitude Geetaji was displaying he chose to go with Asha Bhosle. After this Geetaji did sing a song here and a song there for Burmanda, but it was never like before. She sang only two songs for him during 1958. “Lajwanti” had all female songs done by Ashaji except for one. That song was a solo by Geetaji. “Aaja Chhaya Kaare Badre” was a beauty and still evokes sweet memories with its lilting music and soulful rendering. She also sang a solo for SD in “Sitaron Se Aage”.

Another great supporter of her, O.P. Nayyar, also started drifting away from her. His reasons were different. Even though he had full confidence in Geetaji’s singing abilities, it was his emotional involvement with Asha Bhosle that made him decide to phase out all assignments given to Geetaji. But in1958 she was still his choice of the singers. She sang in five different movies for him. These were “Farishta” (a solo), “Mr. Qartoon M.A.” (a duet), “Mujrim” (two solos and a duet), “Raagini” (a duet), and “12

O’Clock” (three solos and two duets). As usually was the case with OP’s songs, most of these were chartbusters. One of the solos from “12 O’Clock”, “Kaisa Jaadu Balam Tu Ne Daara” casts a spell on the listener even today after 50 years.

The wistful longing she embeds into this song makes it at once so endearing. The last song of Geetaji OP recorded was the solo from “Howrah Bridge”. This was “Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu”. This song makes one dance even today. The sex appeal in her voice of this scintillating song, the subtle enticement she puts into it, and the ease with which she glides through it make one feel younger. This was her 18th solo for OP. In contrast Ashaji sang 81 solos for him.

Chitragupt was a busy man during 1958. He had nine movies released that year. Geetaji was his favorite singer at this time. She sang a total of 19 songs in these nine movies. The movies were “Baazigar” (a solo), “Chaalbaaz” (a solo and two duets), “Daughter Of Sindbad” (two solos and a duet), “Raj Sinhasan” (a duet), “Sindbad Ki Beti” (a solo and a duet), “Son Of Sindbad” (a solo and three duets), “Taxi Stand” (a solo and a duet), “Teesri Gali” (two solos), and “Zimbo” (a solo). Most of these were B grade and many of these songs went into obscurity for that reason. It is not easy to find these songs today.

Geetaji sang three beautiful duets with Hemantda in “Police”. Its music was also composed by Hemant Kumar himself. These duets are so evergreen that even today they reverberate freshly in your heart. In particular, the duet “Oh Oh Oh Baby” had so much oomph that one would like to hear it again and again. “Chale Hum Kahan” is a beautiful romantic duet. “Chup Ja Hamare Dil Mein” is the other sweet romantic duet from this movie. Geetaji sang in four movies for Madan Mohan. These were “Adalat” (a duet), “Chandan” (a solo), “Khazanchi” (a solo) and “Night Club” (a solo). The solo “Aankh Milane Ke Liye” from “Chandan” is a beauty. It is a romantically sweet song and the way Geetaji endearingly sings it, it becomes an instant winner.

In “Detective” she sang a solo and three duets. Its music was provided by her brother, Mukul Roy. For N. Dutta she sang in two movies. These were “Light House” (a duet) and “Sadhna” (a solo and a duet). The solo from “Sadhna”, “Tora Man Kyon Ghabraye” was a bhajan. In Geetaji’s voice this song becomes sublime. Her strength lies in bringing out the emotion so admirably that sets her voice apart from the rest of the singers.

For Ravi she sang in two movies; “Dilli Ka Thug” (a solo) and “Dulhan” (a duet). The solo was a cabaret song “O Babu O Laala”. It is similar in the vein of “Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu”. Geetaji was equally adept in singing these type of songs. For few years, if a club scene demanded such a song sequence, composers could only think of Geetaji. She had that mesmerizing effect.

Hansraj Behl had Geetaji sing a solo and a duet in “Milan”. In “Panchayat” she sang two duets for Iqbal Qureshi. A.R. Qureshi had her sing a solo in “Sim Sim Marjina”. For Dhaniram’s “Taqdeer” she had a solo. For Ram Ganguly’s “10 O’Clock” she sang a duet. In “Taxi 555”, Sardar Malik recorded a duet of Geetaji with Rafi Saheb. For Shankar & Jaikishan’s “Yahudi” she sang a beautiful duet with Lataji. In “Naya Kadam”, for which music was composed by Shivram Narayan, she sang a solo. She sang a duet for S.S. Mohinder’s “Naya Paisa”. For Vasant Desai’s “Goonj Uthi Shehnai” she had a beautiful duet with Lataji. This song “Ankhiya Bhool Gayi Hai Sona” is a beauty with a tinge of tease in Geetaji’s tone. She was so good at this. For S.N. Tripathi’s “Pareeksha”, Geetaji sang three solos and a duet.

Geetaji’s singing history for films in 1958 is summarized in the table starting on the next page. Please note that this information is not complete.
Film Songs Of Geeta Roy In 1958
Song Co_singer(s) Movie Music Lyrics
Aaj Kuchh Honewala Hai - Sim Sim Marjina A.R. Qureshi -
Karle Karle Pyaar - Baazigar Chitragupt Prem Dhawan
Daudo Re Daudo Re Mohd. Rafi Chaalbaaz Chitragupt -
Ho Chat Mangni To Pat Shaadi Mohd. Rafi Chaalbaaz Chitragupt -
Ye Kya Ada Hai Pagle - Chaalbaaz Chitragupt -
Bheegi Bheegi Shaam - Daughter Of Sindbad Chitragupt -
Ek Dil Liya Ek Dil Diya Mohd. Rafi Daughter Of Sindbad Chitragupt -
Ye Dil Diwana - Daughter Of Sindbad Chitragupt Anjum Jaipuri
Do Do Aane Chaaku Mohd. Rafi Raj Sinhasan Chitragupt -
Dil De Baithe - Sindbad Ki Beti Chitragupt -
Dekho Ji Dil Na Todo - Sindbad Ki Beti Chitragupt -
Suniye Suniye Hamara Fasaana Sulochana Kadamng Sindbad Ki Beti Chitragupt -
Dilwale Zara Sambhal Ke - Son Of Sindbad Chitragupt Majrooh Sultanpuri
Kabhi To Ha Ha Ha Mohd. Rafi Son Of Sindbad Chitragupt Majrooh Sultanpuri
Raat Hansi Hai RangiZamaana Mohd. Rafi Son Of Sindbad Dattaram Majrooh Sultanpuri
Ramleela Lata Mangeshkar Son Of Sindbad Dattaram Majrooh Sultanpuri
Sabz Gumbad Ke Maki Lata Mangeshkar Son Of Sindbad Dattaram Majrooh Sultanpuri
Neechi Nazaaron Se Namste Kar Gaye Usha Mangeshkar Taxi Stand Dattaram Majrooh Sultanpuri
Yeh Milan Ki Raina - Taxi Stand Dattaram Majrooh Sultanpuri
Jaan Gayi Chori - Teesri Gali Dattaram Majrooh Sultanpuri
Mere Sanam Ek Qadam - Teesri Gali Dattaram Majrooh Sultanpuri
Ye Raatein Ye Baatein - Zimbo Dattaram Majrooh Sultanpuri
Aa Dil Se Dil Milaa Le - Taqdeer Dhani Ram Verma Malik
Aaiye Janaab - Milan Hansraj Behl -
Main Kahaa Ji Yeh Mausam Hai Suhaana Mohd. Rafi Milan Hansraj Behl -
Chale Hum Kahan Kaho Chale Hum Kahan Hemant Kumar Police Hemant Kumar Majrooh Sultanpuri
Chhup Jaa Hamare Dil Mein Hemant Kumar Police Hemant Kumar Majrooh Sultanpuri
O Soniye Jab Jeet Hui Hai Hamari Rafi 10 O’Clock Ram Ganguly -
Oh Oh Oh Oh Baby Hemant Kumar Police Hemant Kumar Majrooh Sultanpuri
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