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(1930 - 1972)
   Beautiful voice Personified

   Early years of struggle

   Career in late 40's

   Career in early 50's

   Marriage to Guru Dutt

   Career in late 50's

   Last phase of her career

Her marital problems were taking a heavy toll on Geetaji by the early sixties. It appeared on the surface that this may slow down her singing assignments, but she still managed to sing in the movies. In 1961, in spite of all the problems they were having Geetaji and her husband, Guru Dutt, were still living together. There was still something left between the two. These brief moments of harmony were giving her enough strength to continue with her passion, singing.

Year 1962 was another eventful year in Geetajiís life. The proof that there was love still existed between Geetaji and Guru Dutt, their third child, a daughter named Nina, was born in August. This however did not solve their problems. The impending gloom and doom was fast nearing.

The decadence is now completely set in by 1963. Geetajiís fortunes are on the fast decline. She was withdrawing herself from everything. She got separated from her husband. The year 1964 was a devastatingly eventful year in Geetajiís life. On October 10, Guru Dutt died of an overdose of sleeping pills. He was only 37.

By early 1965 Geetaji recovered from the mental breakdown she suffered after her husbandís unexpected death. Shattered and devastated, she was slowly trying put her life together again.

There is so little activity went on for Geetaji during the years of 1966 to 1969. It is so hard to believe that a great talent like Geetaji, who ruled the world of singing, who mesmerized music loving people all over India, went into obscurity and oblivion during these last years of her singing.

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