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(1930 - 1972)
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1956 was another eventful year in Geetaji’s life. She gave birth to her second son, Arun, on July 10. With her first son growing up, with the arrival of newly born, and her husband Guru Dutt busy with the production of “C.I.D.” and laying groundwork for his groundbreaking “Pyaasa”, she still managed to find time to sing. And sing she did. Over 32 movies. Hundreds of songs. Many huge hits that are evergreen and remembered fondly even today. She was one energetic lady.

During this year she didn’t sing any songs for S.D. Burman. However, O.P. Nayyar was able to tap in her vocal sweetness to a maximum. Even though a new side of Geetaji’s side emerged with “Baazi (1951)” for which Burmanda composed music for, it was OP who was able to develop that side to a maximum. She became a real hip singer under his baton. Geetaji was one of those gifted singers who could sing a soft song as easily as a sultry one. She could sing happy ones as easily as snappy ones. If listeners thought she was best in romantic songs, she was no less with emotional songs. Someone once wrote in praise of Geetaji this way: she has this rare gift that she could effervescently sing for both the doll and the moll. That in a nutshell is Geeta Dutt for you.

Geetaji sang in five different movies for OP during 1956. She sang a beautiful duet with Rafi Saheb in Bhagwan’s laugh-riot “Bhagam Bhag”. Her three songs in “C.I.D.” are still talked about. The duet with Rafiji, “Yeh Hai Bombai Meri Jaan” was a great tribute to the city of Bombay. This song was nominated for best song by Filmfare but did not win. She also had two other beautiful solos in “C.I.D.”. She sang five songs in “Chhoo Mantar”, three solos and two duets. Her duet with Rafi Saheb, “Tumhi Ne Dard Diya” creates a pang in your heart each time you listen to. The solo in the same movie “JabBaadal Lehraaya”

is yet anotther beauty. She had three duets in “Johny Walker”. Finally in “Shrimati 420” she sang three solos and a duet. All three solos from this movie were chartbusters. Especially the song “Mere Zindagi Ke Humsafar” is one of her alltime beautiful solos.

For Anil Biswas, Geetaji sang three solos and a duet in “Heer”. Chitragupt recorded a couple of solos of Geetaji for his “Basre Ki Hoor”. For Hansraj Behl, one of her great supporters during her meteoric rise to fame and fortune had Geetaji sing in three different movies. These were “Inquilaab” (a solo), “Khul Ja Sim Sim” (three solos and two duets), and “Malika” (two solos and a duet).

Hemantda, who used her talents magnificently earlier in “Anand Math (1952)” had Geetaji sing in two of his movies in 1956. These were “Arab Ka Saudagar” (two solos) and “Lalten” (a solo and a duet). The two solos from “Arab Ka Saudagar” reflecting very opposite moods showed how versatile singer Geetaji can be and both of them were very popular.

This was the year Madan Mohanji also got into the fray. He had Geetaji sing in four different movies. These were “Bhai Bhai” (a solo), “Ek Shola” (a solo and a duet), “Fifty-Fifty” (a solo), and “Pocketmaar” (a solo). Her song from “Bhai Bhai”, “Aye Dil Mujhe Bataa De” is still talked about for its evergreen natural freshness. Geetaji had put so much tender love and sweetness into the song that its melody lingers forever.

Geetaji sang six songs in three different movies for S.N. Tripathi during 1956. These were “Rajrani Meera” (a solo), “Roop Kumari” (a solo and a duet), and “Sati Naag Kanya” (two solos and a duet). The duet in “Roop Kumari” with Manna Dey has a classical base and the singing of each is beautifully complementary. In “Basant Bahaar”, Shankar & Jaikishan had her sing such a classical-based song, again with Manna Dey.

In “Rangeen Raatein” Roshan had her sing a duet and a triplet. She sang in couple of movies for Vinod. These were “Makheechoos” (a solo and a duet with Talat Mahmood) and “Sheikh Chilli” (a duet with G.M. Durrani). Talat, who is famous for his velvet touch romantic songs, goes the other way in this duet by trying to match with Geetaji’s touch of naughtiness embedded in this song.

In “Toofan Aur Diya”, she sang three songs for Vasant Desai (two solos and a duet). One of the outstanding song from this was the solo Geetaji sang “Meri Aan Bhagwan”. This song was sung unlike her other songs in high pitch voice to the rich lyrics penned by Bharat Vyas that stirs deep emotions and leaves a lump in your throat. Such a song comes only in ages. And it is never aged because it stays for ever young.

She also sang in several other movies in 1956. One of the notable of these was “Sailaab”. Geetaji financed this movie almost in its entirety. It was produced by her brother Mukul Roy who was also its music director. When the director of the movie left after the movie was completed only half, Guru Dutt reluctantly took over and finished it. There are at least two solos she sang in this movie. It may have more of her songs but this information is not easily available.

Geetaji also sang in 1956 in movies for music directors B.N. Baali in “Baaghi Sardar” (a solo), for Bipin & Babul in “Baadal Aur Bijli” (a solo), for Bulo C. Rani in “Badshah Salamat” (a duet), for Iqbal Qureshi in “Sipahsalar” (a solo), for Jimmy in “Awara Shahzadi” (a solo), for Ravi in “Ayodhyapati” (a solo), and a couple of solos in”Fighting Queen”.

Geetaji’s singing history for films in 1956 is summarized in the table starting on the next page. Please note that this information is not complete.
Film Songs Of Geeta Roy In 1956
Song Co-singer(s) Movie Music Lyrics
Bulbul Mere Chaman Ke - Heer Anil Biswas Majrooh Sultanpuri
Dhadakne Lagaa Dil - Heer Anil Biswas Majrooh Sultanpuri
O Sajanaa Hemant Kumar Heer Anil Biswas Majrooh Sultanpuri
Tere Karam Ko - Heer Anil Biswas Majrooh Sultanpuri
Nayi Naveli Preet Hui Re - Baaghi Sardar B.N. Baali -
More Saiyan - Baadal Aur Bijli Bipin & Babul Anjum Jaipuri
Zara Dekh Idhar Rafi Badshah Salamat Bulo C. Rani -
Jaane Kaise Kaise Ho Jee - Basre Ki Hoor Chitragupt -
Tere Jahan Se Hum Chale - Inquilaab Hansraj Behl -
Aaj Kuchh Honewaala Hai - Khul Ja Sim Sim Hansraj Behl -
Aaj Tera Gunehgaar Banda Mohd. Rafi Khul Ja Sim Sim Hansraj Behl -
Bijli Giregi Kahin Na Kahin - Khul Ja Sim Sim Hansraj Behl -
Dil Leke Chali Aayi - Khul Ja Sim Sim Hansraj Behl -
Donon Jahan Ke Maalik Talat Mahmood Khul Ja Sim Sim Hansraj Behl -
Idhar Dil Hai Udhar Duniya - Malika Hansraj Behl -
Oh Meri Taraf Dekh Le - Malika Hansraj Behl -
Raat Hai Nikhri Hui Krishna Goel Malika Hansraj Behl -
Suno Suno Sunaaye Afsaana - Malika Hansraj Behl -
Do Ghadi Ki Bahaar Hai - Arab Ka Saudagar Hemanth Kumar S.H. Bihari
Mohabbat Ka Nateeja Hum - Arab Ka Saudagar Hemanth Kumar -
Agar Pyaar Mein - Lalten Hemanth Kumar -
Kabhi Akad Kar Hemant Kumar Lalten Hemanth Kumar -
Aji Oh Ji Tumhen Dekh Jiya Lehraaye - Sipahsalar Iqbal Qureshi Farooq Kaiser
Hum Tumse Raazi - Awara Shahzadi Jimmy Khawar Zamaan
Aye Dil Mujhe Bataa De - Bhai Bhai Madan Mohan Rajinder Krishan
Chanda Se Bhi Pyaara Hai Asha Bhosle Ek Shola Madan Mohan Rajinder Krishan
Jaadugar Tune Kaisa Jaadu - Ek Shola Madan Mohan Majrooh Sultanpuri
Shaam Ka Aanchal Dhalka - Fifty Fifty Madan Mohan Rajinder Krishan
Duniya Ke Saath Chal - Pocketmaar Madan Mohan Rajinder Krishan
Hai Yeh Duniya Kaunsi - Sailaab Mukul Roy Majrooh Sultanpuri
Yeh Rut Yeh Raat Jawan - Sailaab Mukul Roy Shailendra
Darshan Kab Doge Bolo Na Mohd. Rafi Bhagam Bhag O.P. Nayyar Majrooh Sultanpuri
Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Mohd. Rafi C.I.D. O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Jaata Kahan Hai Diwane - C.I.D O.P. Nayyar Majrooh Sultanpuri
Yeh Hai Bombai Meri Jaan - C.I.D O.P. Nayyar Majrooh Sultanpuri
Gham Nahin Kar Muskura Mohd. Rafi Chhoo Mnatar O.P. Nayyar Hasrat Jaipuri
Gori Gori Raat Hai Taaron Ki - Chhoo Mnatar O.P. Nayyar Butaram Sharma
Jab Baadal Lehraaya - Chhoo Mnatar O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Raat Nashili - Chhoo Mnatar O.P. Nayyar Butaram Sharma
Tumhi Ne Dard Diya Hai Mohd. Rafi Chhoo Mnatar O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Bachke Baalam Mohd. Rafi Johny Walker O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Jhuki Jhuki Pyaar Ki Nazar Asha Bhosle Chhoo Mnatar O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Thandi Thandi Hawa Mohd. Rafi Johny Walker O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Badi Rangili Zindagi Hai - Shrimati 420 O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Hum Ko Chhod Ke Kahan - Shrimati 420i O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Mere Zindagi Ke Humsafar - Shrimati 420 O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Yahan Hum Wahan Tum Mohd. Rafi Shrimati 420i O.P. Nayyar Jan Nisar Akhtar
Main Janam Janam Ki Daasi - Ayodhyapati Ravi S.K. Deepak
Aji O Gokul Ke Gwaale LataMangeshkar Rangeen Raatein Roshan Kidar Sharma
Mera Jiya Ghabraye Surendra Rangeen Raatein Roshan Kidar Sharma
Payoji Maine Ram Rattan - Rajrani Meera S.N. Tripathi B.D. Mishra
Armaan Bhare Dil Ki Lagan - Roop Kumari S.N. Tripathi -
Woh Dekho Udhar Chaand - Roop Kumari S.N. Tripathi -
Choli Meri Peeli - Sati Naag Kanya S.N. Tripathi -
Hari Om Tatsat - Sati Naag Kanya S.N. Tripathi -
Thandi Hawaayen Maare - Sati Naag Kanya S.N. Tripathi -
Tohe Naina Mein Khoyi - Toofan Aur Diya Khurshid Anwar Nakshab
Aaya Re Bhajiwala - Toofan Aur Diya Vasant Desai Bharat Vyas
Meri Aan Bhagwan - Toofan Aur Diya Vasant Desai Bharat Vyas
Meri Chhoti Si Bahen Lata Mangeshkar Toofan Aur Diya Vasant Desai Bharat Vyas
Banke Bahaar Aayee Hoon - Fighting Queen - -
Pihu Pihu Pihu Koyal - Fighting Queen - -
Moonh Mod Lene Waale - Makheechoos Vinod Indra Chandra
O Arabpati Ki Chhori - Makheechoos Vinod Indra Chandra
Madhoshi Mein Tanhai Mein G.M. Durrani Sheikh Chilli Vinod -
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