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(1930 - 1972)
Pratul: This dream could not have come true without your efforts. I have just seen a couple of under construction pages, and I am moved by the elegancy and grace that overflows in them. I can just imagine how hard you would have worked for designing and creating it. You really deserve a standing ovation. Also, the hard work done by Swarapriya can't go unnoticed. She is been excellent member here on HF and outstanding in helping to make this dream come true. Hildebrand ji, Venkat ji, SF, Firangi Paani, KKFan, Anupama all have made an excellent team. I am itching for the next monday (sadly, not Sunday) to come sooner. And all in all, Parag has exemplified the persistance for me. His efforts will remain the height to touch for me in future.

Sonu: Thats a great news for all HFM , Geeta ji fans ! such websites provide single node for all sorts of information on any artists. I think this way lot more will be known about Geetaji ! compilation of information on an artist and its sharing via websites is very important to know abt that artists and his/her work ! its important that such websites are started all other artists as well. Hats off to all involved in t his project !

PrinceAli: Excellent job Parag-bhai and the whole team, wonderful news, all the best for the launch and for the future of this website ! Geeta Dutt without a doubt deserves her own website !.

Debopriyo: Eagerly Waiting For The website...Best of Luck! To all ...& many Many Thanks For Taking such a great Steps!

Swarapriya: I can't wait for it to be 23rd of November. You've done an astonishingly admirable job by following your dream to give it a shape of reality. Like Geetaji's voice that touched and enthralled millions of music lovers, your efforts to bring her work to the forefront of visibility also already have touched hearts of many and will continue to enthrall in years to come. You may be the No. 1 fan of Geetaji, but your perseverance and dedication made me your No. 1 fan. It will be your day, your time, your hour. Savor every moment of it. Enjoy every minute of it. I have a ticket to the front row seat for this Grand Opening and will be wildly cheering for you.

Jaishree ji: Paragbhai, looking forward to 23rd. Kudos to you. Very very happy that Geeta aunty is being immortalized by such a loving community as HF. Congratulations. Incidently, Waqt ne kiya kya hassen sitam is my most favourite song.!!!! I have visited the sight and read everything there. Wow, what a great sight. Excellent work and a great tribute by you to a Diva. I feel so happy that you have put my article on the web sight. You all have given tremendous amount of effort which has been and will appreciated by millions of people.

Nandu: Thanks Parag and other Team Members and HF for starting a new website on Geetaji. I'm waiting for tomorrow to watch this site. Once again thanks to all of them.

Yogesh: Heartily Congratulations to u all You have done a really great job for music lovers.. and it is gr8 gift to all who knows about her songs / info or still not much aware about it... like me It was not so easy to do all things .. your team did it .. All the best

Cinemaniac2: my best wishes to you Parag to make her site was one of your armaan hope it's a super success. waiting for the 23rd

Sachin: Yaad karoge, yaad karoge, ek din hum ko yaad karoge........ And truly not a single day hass passed in this world of music that someone did not remember Geeta Roy Dutt.... Her voice was with us when we were Happy - when we were Sad - when we wanted some Peace of mind - when we felt Love in our life - we we felt the pain of seperation from our loved one's.... her songs lifted us from gratest of depressions.... and more than that multiplied our Happiness infintly with her voice.... Parag - this is such a befitting tribute to ONE & ONLY GEETA ROY DUTT and I just dont have words to express my Gratitude towards the whole Team for having given us this Website. Wish You All The Best my Dear Friend.

Lakshmi: Congratulations Parag. Your determination, love for music and Geeta Dutt and support from many volunteers paid off. Just went through the photo gallery. Each and every photo was beautiful. Geeta Dutt looks amazingly beautiful in every photo. Thanks for sharing.

Exon: Congratulations to Parag and all volunteers on this fine work. Collaborative efforts such as the GD web site creation demonstrates that we do much more than song sampling. Sure makes us all feel proud being part of HF family.

Mohd ji: My sincere congrats to Parag and all members who contributed for this wonderful site. Just visited this site. As pointed out by Exon Bhai, I fully agree that there is much more to songs uploads and downloads and this has been proved by unveiling this excellent site on the birth anniversary of Geeta Ji. Hats off to all.

Ashraf ji: Thanks for your rememberence Parag ji. Just made a visit to the all a nice web site.In the home page the sliding photos is the thing which I liked most.A suggestion came to my mind is about the color.I feel that it is better to have lighter color which is more attracting and good for our eyes also.Any way good start and we can improve everything in the days to come.

Sonu: Great work Geeta dutt Fans !! Very good site !! Thanks to all those who worked on this project and also thanks to HF admins ! please try to put all interviews(text) or magazine articles on Geeta ji. ( few are there but extern links !) This website will of immense help to fans like me who dont know lot about geeta ji. Cheers !!

Abhay: WOW! The site looks great! Fervent thanks and heartfelt congratulations to Parag and to everyone else who contributed to getting this site up and running. I normally hate sending unsolicited mail, but one look at the completed website had me sending the link to almost my entire address book! Looking forward to vibrant activity on the site dedicated to the most vibrant of our playback singers!

Sujayita: Looking at the website was such a delight! It's a beautiful homage. This is a proud moment and a very happy day. Parag said something which I really like, this is something that we would be proud of for a long, long time to come. It was an immense privilege to be given the chance to be associated with this project.

Faraaj: My congratulations! The site is excellent - I was just browsing it. The directors page with brief write-ups and song lists is a brilliant touch and I don't recall seeing it on any other tribute site! I'm really very impressed by your dedication.... Speaking of dedication, Geeta Roy started her career as a bhajan singer and while that phase of her career is now overshadowed by her more jazzy tunes, I think her best song was still a lovely bhajan composed by the mercurial Sajjad Hussain. I'm sure you've heard it dozens of time and would enjoy it once more....

Sukesh: A standing ovation to you and others for making this venture a reality. A superb piece of work.

Ittefaq: Congratulations Parag & the entire Geeta Dutt Fans Team! Thanks to everyone who worked on this project! We appreciate all of your hardwork, dedication and time that went into making this terrific website!

Gop: Congratulation of Parag and other Team Members and HF for making the dream of Geetaji's Website into true. Very nice site. This site may help the future generations to know more about Geetaji. The memories of Geetaji and her songs will remain in all music lover’s minds forever.

Shubham: I just went through the website on Geetaji. Just thrilled to see it. My heartiest congratulation to you again on this wonderful work of your's and many others who were involved in this exercise.

Waheed ji: i understand that you have made much efforts to build up the website....which is exactly a great job, i do check the website after every while....any thing from my side for promoting the cause of Geetaji / website.... please feel free to ask......

Uttam: My warmth regards & congratulations to whole team involved in this herculean task. Truely a majestic work.

Mohamed Parvez: Thanks for launching this website on Evergreen Geeta ji. I wish you all the best.

Deewani: The site is just lovely and I'm sure many people will learn much about Geetaji as I have. Thanks to all who made that place possible.

Suresh: I hugely respect your work on both the threads on Geetaji. I visited the site on the day it was inaugurated, out of curiosity. Today I took a leisurely stroll around the site. In one word - Beautiful A fitting tribute to the Diva. In fact I got infatuated with Geetaji's voice, after hearing an old HMV cassette containing a Bhajan. I have lost that casette & do not even remember the words. But the silken voice is embedded in my memory. New Year Greetings & more power to your elbow.

Ummer ji: Since I came back to HFM (2 days ago), I am visiting Geeta's site again and again. Very Well done! I like everything about the site... the design, the navigation, the effort put into it.. great job guyz!

Swarapriya: This is only getting better. Efforts of you and the rest of the dedicated team clearly shows what a labor of love this has been. A glowing tribute that is only growing by leaps and bounds, this Geetaji's website. A site built on unalterable admiration, never ending affection, and boundless aspiration. I humbly kneel before such a magnificent team that selflessly contributed their countless hours so that others like me who are on the sidelines can watch this wonderful show and share some of the joys of a rich repertoire of a treasure lode of songs that Geetaji has left as her legacy through her melodious voice.

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