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(1930 - 1972)
About Geeta Dutt
   Beautiful voice personified

   Career in late 40's

   Career in early 50's

   Career in late 50's

   Career in 60's

   Last phase of her career
Personal Details
   Marriage to Guru Dutt

   Life with Guru Dutt

   Geeta and her Children

   Brother Mukul Roy

When Geeta Dutt was 12, the family decided to move from their home in Faridpur District in East Bengal to Bombay. Even though she was growing up in rich surroundings, when moved to Bombay, her family has to start all over again. They took up a modest apartment in Dadar area.

In the ensuring months one day when she was singing a song in her flat, music director K. Hanuman Prasad heard her voice. He persuaded her parents to have her try to sing in movies. He took Geeta under his wings and trained her in singing and later launched her into singing in the films. In 1946, she got the first break when she got an opportunity to sing in “Bhakta Prahlad” for which Prasdaji was the music director. She was given only two lines to sing in the movie in a few songs for this film. She was just sixteen at this time. But those two lines mesmerized everyone in the recording studio. In a matter of another year, in 1947, she got her break with “Do Bhai”.

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