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(1930 - 1972)
About Geeta Dutt
   Early years of struggle

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   Career in late 50's

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   Last phase of her career
Personal Details
   Marriage to Guru Dutt

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   Geeta and her Children

   Brother Mukul Roy

Geeta ji with her brother MD Mukul Roy

Mukul Roy, Geeta Dutt's brother is a famous Music Director and producer. He is now in Nashik, in Maharashtra. He has been very instrumental in helping the author Haimanti Bannerjee who has published the first ever book released on the life of Geeta Dutt. The book has been titled as "Geeta Dutt - The Skylark".

He has delivered hits like Sailaab (1956), Detective (1958), Bhed (?). He also produced the film Sailaab along with Geeta Dutt. Many of his songs went on to become hits including 'Mujhko tum jo mile yeh jahaan' from Detective and the Geeta solo 'Hai yeh duniya kaunsi aye dil' from Sailaab.

Mukul Roy got some inspirations from Western songs. The song "Do Chamakti Aankhon Mein" itself is almost a direct but pleasant adaption of the Herry Belafonte hit "Jamaica Farewell". There is a very good Rafi song "Chhodiye Gussaa Huzoor, Aisi Naaraazi Bhi Kya" that borrows its main body and interlude from "Bimbo" - a 1950's Jim Reeves song. And then there is yet another Rafi-Geeta song "Aa Ja kar Lein Muqaabla" that leans on the Spanish standard "Red Bull". The Spanish original was made popular all over India because it was the Binaca Geet Mala signature tune all through the life of that programme.

He was known to be very close to Geeta Dutt and played mediator when she seperated from husband, Guru Dutt. In troubled times, when Geeta was out of work and suffered immense tragedy in personal life, Mukul was always found by her side. In an interview, he recalled:

"Geeta suffered tremendously during these breaks [when she was out of work], she was very emotional and couldn't handle the stress. They [Guru Dutt and Geeta] were to be reconciled again. A date had been fixed. But Guru Dutt had drunk a lot the previous night and taken sleeping tablets too. He never woke up. This was in October 1964.. Geeta had a nervous breakdown and couldn't even recognise here own children for six to eight months. Guru had also left her insolvent."

Mukul Roy is also known to have looked after Tarun and Arun, Geeta and Guru Dutt's sons, after their death.

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