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(1930 - 1972)
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That singing of two lines in “Bhakt Prahlad” did a lot of good for Geetaji. She kept herself busy singing in several movies that year (1946). But her biggest breakthrough was yet to come and fortunately for Geetaji and music lovers it didn’t take long.

The music of the film Do Bhai (1947) was a major hit. In particular, her song “Mera Sundar Sapna Beet Gaya” became an overnight sensation. Her voice was so fresh, unique and ethereal it appeared to have breathed life into those songs. With the stardom achieved from the success of “Do Bhai”, Geetaji became extremely busy. Almost as if by magic, an obscure singer not known to many people across the country became a celebrity and a household word overnight.

With two great years in succession, Geetaji became the undisputed number one singer in the nation in 1949. She was virtually unchallenged at this juncture in her career. The hitherto established singers like Rajkumari and Shamshad Begum were relegated to lower spots.

The year 1950 found Geeta Roy in a tough spot. The undisputed reigning singing sensation and queen she was for the past three years (1947 to 1949), she suddenly found herself relegated to the second position. It was the onslaught of Lata Mangeshkar wave that took the country by storm.

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