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(1930 - 1972)

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Bengali Film Songs
Bengali Non-Film Songs
Gujrati Songs
Hindi Film Songs

Hindi Songs Database:
This could not have been achieved without the Hindi Film Geet Kosh volumes compiled by Shri Har Mandir Singh "Hamraaz". The work done by him along with some music lovers is a path-breaking work which has been the start of many film research projects like this. The database wouldn't have even begum without this seminal work. Thanks, Harmandir ji for taking this onerous task. Your efforts shall be remembered by music lovers forever.
May you live a long and healthy life.
We are also extremely thankful to Mahesh ji, Romesh Vohra ji and Exon for making and updating the hindi song database for us. You have been opening your hearts and collections to us for a long time. You are proof that Angels do exist on Earth as well. A million thanks to you all.

Gujrati Songs Database:
Thanks a lot to Harish Raghuvanshi ji for making the Gujrati Film Geet Kosh which is our source for the Gujrati database. In today's world, getting information on regional cinema is extremely difficult but with a persevering personality like yours, its likely, that the word "impossible" doesn't exist in your dictionary. Hope your work will inspire more such efforts for movies of other languages.
A very special thanks to our friend Chetan for compiling it from the database and Harish ji for verifying it.

Bengali songs Database:
We are indebted to our dear friend and mentor Dr Jyoti Prakash Guha ji forever for builiding this database for us. You spent a lot of time finding out all these details including Record numbers which could probably not have been unearthed by any lesser mortal. Your passion is awe inspiring and at the same time, so is your humbleness. May there be more benevolent music lovers like you. Thanks for everything.

We also take this opportunity to thank our friends Saunak Gupta, Debabrata (Indydave), Aditya Pant, Exon , Waheed Dehwar and Mahesh Sharma ji.

We also thank Prof Surjeet Singh ji from the bottom of our hearts. He and His work in bringing lost rare songs from collections all over the world, back into the limelight is exemplary.

We are also humbled by the kindness shown by collectors like Late Shri Hem Chandra Jain Sahab, Late Shri Satish Kalra ji, Shri M.L. Kapur ji, Shri Narsingh ji, Shri Abhay Jain ji, Alybaba, Dharmvir ji, Erum ji and many others who brought many extremely rare songs back from dusty records. Your kind of generosity is indeed much more welcome in the kind of world we live in today. You have done a great service to us and infact, the generations to come.

There are many others who have contributed to this task. We owe you much more than mere gratitude. May your tribe increase. God Bless.

Note: We will keep updating this database. So keep visiting us for the latest listing.

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