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(1930 - 1972)
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The year 1951 was a very eventful year in Geetaji’s life. When S.D. Burman had her sing songs of “Baazi”, sort of a complete metamorphism happened. With the thundering success of the songs and its music, the movie “Baazi” changed Geetaji’s life forever. Geeta Roy found herself extremely busy in 1952. She had assignment after assignment that kept her singing career in a high gear. She delivered hit after hit that year. Amidst all this, she found time to continue her romantic relationship with upcoming director Guru Dutt.

Clearly early fifties were her best years as a playback singer supreme. During these years, she still maintained the status as an influential vocalist of Hindi film world because she kept singing song after song delighting millions of moviegoers throughout India.

The young and famous Geeta Roy and the struggling director Guru Dutt tied knots on May 26, 1953. Because of the wedding and the new responsibilities of a new household Geetaji found herself with not much time to sing in as many songs this year as before.

In 1954, Geetaji sang even fewer songs than the year before. Her double duties as a wife and as a singer were demanding. Amidst all of this she found herself expecting her first child.

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