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(1930 - 1972)

    Geeta was on born on the 23th of Nov 1930 in Idlapur village in Faridkot district.

    Her father, Devendra Nath Chowdhury was the village zamindar.

    Her mother Amya Roy Chowdhury was into music and shayari and Geeta was the only one of her        ten children (6 sons, 4 daughters) who picked up her mother's interest in music.

    She studied at the Anglo Bengali School. She was interested in music so started learning music        from Pt Hirendranath Chowdhury. She would practice for 3 hrs every day.

    In 1942 her family migrated to Bombay, India. They started living in Hindu colony, Dadar.

    The original name of Guru Dutt was Vasantkumar shivkumar Padukone, so after the marriage        Geeta Roy should have become Geeta Padukone. Instead she opted for Geeta Dutt, to match        Guru Dutt.

    At the time of their marriage Geeta was one of the top singers while Guru Dutt was a struggling        director. This led to talk that he married her for financial security. This hurt him and he wanted        her to stop singing. To avoid marital tensions she stopped singing for a while.

    She sang approximately 1200 songs in Hindi films. The decade wise breakup is 340(approx.) in        the 40's, 755(approx.) in the 50's, 85(approx.) in the 60's and a few songs in the 70's. (Info        courtesy HFGK by Hamraaz)

    The last film she sang for was Anubhav (1971), MD - Kanu Roy.

    On 20th July 1972 she passed away due to liver rupture at Harikishandas hospital.

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