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(1930 - 1972)

Mohammed Rafi was born the youngest of six sons of Hajji Ali Mohammad at Kotla Sultan Singh, a town near Amritsar in Punjab (India) on the 24th of December, 1924. Rafi, whose nickname was 'Pheeko', started singing by imitating chants of a 'fakir' (beggar) in his village. In 1935-36, Rafi's father shifted to Lahore, and the rest of the family followed later. His family managed a men's salon in Lahore's Noor Mohalla. It was his brother-in-law Mohammed Hameed who spotted the talent in Rafi and encouraged him. Rafi learnt Hindustani classical music from maestros like Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan, Pandit Jiwanlal Matto and later, Firoze Nizami.

Rafi's first public performance came at the age of 13. That day, Hameed and Rafi had gone to attend a concert by K. L. Saigal. But the legendary singer refused to sing since there was a power failure at the venue. Hameed went up to the organiser and asked if his brother-in-law could sing to keep the audience quiet. As it turned out, the setting was just right for him. Among the audience sat noted composer Shyam Sunder, who was very impressed with what he heard. He invited Rafi to Bombay (now Mumbai) to sing for him.

Rafi, under Shyam Sunder, made his debut in playback singing with the duet 'Soniye nee, Heeriye nee' with Zeenat Begum in a Punjabi film 'Gul Baloch' in 1942 (the film was released in 1944). Soon after, Rafi was invited by the Lahore radio station to sing for them.

In 1944, Rafi moved to Bombay, where he was introduced to some of the leading film producers of the time such as Abdul Rashid Kardar, Mehboob Khan and actor-director Nazeer by Tanvir Naqvi. Rafi contacted the famous music director Naushad, who initially used him as part of the chorus. Rafi's first song with Naushad was 'Hindustan ke hum hain' with Shyam Kumar, Alauddin and others, from A. R. Kardar's 'Pehle Aap' (1944). Around the same time, Rafi recorded another song for the film 'Gaon ki Gori' (1944) for Shyam Sunder, 'Aji dil ho kaaboo mein' with G. M. Durrani and chorus. He considered this song as his first song in Hindi. In 1945, Rafi got married to his cousin Bashira, nicknamed 'Majhi', in his village.

In the same year, Rafi appeared on the screen for the song 'Tera Jalwa Jis Ne Dekha' in the film 'Laila Majnu'. He sang a number of songs for Naushad as part of the chorus, including 'Mere sapnon ki rani, Roohi Roohi' with K. L. Saigal from the film 'Shahjahan' (1946). Rafi was first noted for the song 'Tera Khilona Toota Balak' from Mehboob Khan's 'Anmol Ghadi' (1946). His duet with Noor Jehan in the film 'Jugnu' (1947), 'Yahan Badla Wafa Ka' became a hit (Rafi had also acted in the movie). Following partition, Rafi decided to stay back in India and had his family flown to Bombay.

With a 35 year long career, and some of the biggest hits the music charts have ever seen, Mohammad Rafi remains one of the legends of the Hindi Film Industry. His voice continues to haunt us even today. Rafi's voice, ranging from the melancholic to the boisterous, suited every actor, mood or occasion in the film perfectly. His is the one voice that has been imitated the most; to be called a Rafi clone is actually regarded as a compliment!

Geeta and Rafi had a lot in common. Two voices which could express a hundred emotions, be it pathos, love or romance, despair, frustration, patriotism, devotion, courage, determination, mischief, comedy, mock, philosophy or preaching. Two of the most revered singers in the history of cine music; they continue to rule the hearts of genuine music lovers, till date.

It should not come as a surprise, then, that Geeta Dutt had the maximum number of duets with this legendary singer; not less than 150 in number. They combined with each other so well that their collaboration has given us some of the most memorable duets we have ever heard.

Music Directors, OP Nayyar, Chitragupta, SD Burman, Hansraj Behl and N Datta account for a half of these Rafi-Geeta duets.

As one music critic had said, Geeta Dutt was 'Thandi Hawa and Kali Ghata rolled into one'. She was completely and equally at ease with heavy, tear-jerking numbers, on the one hand, and naughty, seductive teasers on the other.

People first took note of the effectiveness of Rafi-Geeta combination, in a group song of Geeta, Rafi, S.D.Batish and others in the film 'Hamari Manzil' (1949), 'Katen Banenege Kaliyan Katon Se Khelta Jaa', composed by the MD duo Husnlal-Bhagatram.

But, speaking of Geeta-Rafi duets, somehow one automatically thinks of OP Nayyar first, for the trinity boasts of some of the most mesmerizingly beautiful songs. It was OP Nayyar's film 'Aar Paar' (1954) that had delivered the first big-ticket duets of this duo. 'Sun Sun Sun Sun Zalima', 'Are Na Na Na Na Aisa Tauba Tauba' and 'Mohabbat Kar Le Jee Bhar Le' became huge hits. This great, lively and peppy association of these three greats went on for many films, 'Mr. & Mrs. 55' , 'Musafirkhana' (1955); 'Bhagambhagh', 'C.I.D.', 'Choomantar', 'Mr.Lambu', 'Shrimati 420' (1956); 'Bade Sarkar', 'Johnny Walker', 'Main Baap', 'Ustad' (1957) and '12'O Clock' (1958). 'Achha Ji Maaf Kar Do, Thoda Insaaf Kar Do', from Musafirkhana was a great Rafi-Geeta duet. ''Jaao Ji Maaf Kiya, Ham Ne Insaaf Kiya'' had distinct shades of Lata's 'Jiya Beqarar Hai'. 'Jahan Jahan Khayal Jaata Hai' from 'Bade Sarkar', was another great composition by OPN, rendered beautifully by the singers. However, 'Dekho Ji Dekho Meethi Ada Se' from 'Mai Baap' remains one of their biggest hits.

After 1958, OP Nayyar, for reasons musical and not-so-musical, had gravitated towards the equally talented, but more aggressive, Asha Bhosle.

Geeta-Rafi duets under SD Burman are much fewer in number. But, one gets the feeling of a far inflated number because of their extraordinary, sublime quality, such as in 'Ham Aap Ki Aankhon Mein' from 'Pyasa' (1957), 'Rimjhim Ke Taraane Leke Aayi Barsaat' from 'Kala Bazaar' (1960), 'Chupke Se Mile Pyaase Pyaase' from 'Manzil' (1960), 'Bataavo Kya Karungi Main Jo Gham Ki Raat Aayegi', from 'Ek Ke Baad Ek' (1960), 'Tu Ne Le Liya Hai Dil, Ab Kya Hoga' from 'Miya Biwi Raazi' (1960), etc.

'Lag Gayi Aankhiyan Tum Se Mori', from 'Jeevan Jyoti' (1953) was one great composition by SDB, to which both Geeta and Rafi did full justice. 'Raham Kabhi To Farmaavo, Maaavo Maavo Meri Laila' from 'Society' (1955) picturised on Johny Walker and Kumkum, though not as popular as some other duets of theirs, was indeed one of the finest. 'Ho Lakh Museebat Rasten Mein Par Saath Apna Na Choote' from 'Pyasa' (1957) is a collector's gem! This less than two minute long song offers so much to the listener, in terms of music and singing, that any account of their duets for SDB will be incomplete without its mention.

With Chitragupta, one is bound to be surprised that it was he who had created the highest number (25) of Rafi-Geeta duets. And some real good ones too, such as 'Ho Chat Mangni To Pat Shadi' from 'Chaal Baaz' (1958), 'Kabhi Toh Haan Haan Kaho Na' from 'Son Of Sindbad' (1958), 'Jawaab Nahin Gore Mukhde Par Til Kaale Ka' from 'Kangan' (1959), 'Teri Nazar Mein Main Rahun' from 'Band Master' (1962), etc.

'Chup Ke Chup Ke Dil Mein Mere Aane Wale', from 'Hamara Ghar' (1950) is one of the earliest Geeta-Rafi duets for him. A real old-world melody sung magnificently by the duo. 'Suniye Suniye Hamara Fasaana' from 'Son of Sindbad' was a romantic tune, another great from the 50's. The song was one of the biggest hits of the year. 'Dil Phanse Deke Jhanse Haay Teri Nazar Mastani' from 'Daaka' (1959) stood in stark contrast with the two mentioned above. Removed from the simple, rather traditional tune, this one was a very pleasant, peppy and relatively stylish number. 'Zalim Kehna Maan, Lachkti Chal Na Kha Kar Paan' from 'Baraat' (1960) was yet another peppy, Punjabi folk tune which became a big hit.

Chitragupta's Rafi-Geeta duets used to be of the traditional semi-classical or folk type, until around 1957. Thereafter, it appears Chitragupta was inspired by OP Nayyar's successful and fast-paced Rafi-Geeta duets, and thus he too went on composing fast, peppy, slightly westernized duets with Rafi and Geeta.

Coming to N.Datta, who can forget his 'Tum Mile Woh Din Dhale' from 'Dr. Shaitan' (1960) and 'Awara Abdullah Yeh Pyaar Ka Halla Gulla' from 'Awara Abdullah' (1962)?

'Bachna Zara Zamana Hai Bura' from 'Milaap' (1955), a nice duet picturised on Johny Walker had its mukhdaa inspired by another Lata solo from the same year, 'Tara Rara Ram Mere Dil Mein Sanam' from the movie 'Hoor-e-Arab'. Another very nice song picturised on Johny Walker was 'Pandit Ho Ya Lala, Ya Gandhi Topi Wala' from the movie 'Rikshawala' (1960).

Johnny Walker had the highest number of songs for any comedian-hero, a large proportion of which were even duets! No other comedian had this distinction. And as one is well aware, Rafi had a total monopoly over songs/duets featuring Johnny Walker. Geeta Dutt, in turn, had the distinction of partnering Rafi in almost all the duets featuring Johnny Walker! Most of these songs became very popular.

Hansraj Behl recorded some of his finest compositions with Geeta and Rafi. 'Phool Ko Bhool Ke Le Baitha Thha', from the 1948 movie 'Chunariya' was one of the earliest duets recorded by the pair. The dew freshness of the two voices instantly appeals to the listener in this vintage number.

Apart from these, other music directors also gave some of their best compositions to the pair, including maestro SN Tripathi whose composition 'Nadi Kinaare Koyi Pukaare' for the movie 'Chandramukhi' (1960) still remains a favorite. Vasant Desai made ample use of their illimitable talent in movies like 'Sheesh Mahal' (1950), 'School Master' (1959) and 'Ardhangini' (1959) and delivered all-time hits. However, one composition of Roshan Lal still remains unique, for it contains rare attempts at yodeling by Rafi. The song in question is the irresistibly sweet 'Un Se Rippi Tippi Ho Gayi' from the 1957 movie, 'Agra Road'.

Even some less prolific Muisc Directors contributed their own memorable duets with this great duo. A case in point was the pathos-laden duet by Music Director, Jimmy from film 'Payaar Ki Baazi', 'Humein Pyaar Karne Na Dega Zamaana' even as late as 1966!

Partnering Rafi in duets was very challenging a task for other singers, for he would frequently be deploying his 'adaayen' and 'harkatein', at will. It was required of the other singer to sing with a straight face in the midst of these, trademark Rafi 'harkatein'. Take for the example of the beautiful Geeta-Rafi duet 'Legaya Dekho Dekho Dil Bhi Hamara' from 'Samundar' (1957), composed by Madan Mohan. In the duet, what immediately struck one as endearing was the way Geeta Dutt kept singing her lines in right earnest, while Rafi kept saying his drunken lines, which could have easily unsettled the co-singer! Another example of this kind was seen in 'Shrimati 420' (1956). The peppy duet 'Ham Ko Chod Ke Kahan Jaavoge' had Rafi intermittently intervening with exclamations like 'Achha', 'Ahha' and 'Ohho'. It took Geeta's spontaneity and genius to match the technically perfect Rafi, note by note while not falling prey to his ingenuity.

It's unfortunate that not much is known about what their personal equation was like. Rafi was known to be a shy, austere man who did not have many 'close' friends in the industry. But, it is safe to surmise that they both shared an excellent working relationship.

All in all, Rafi and Geeta made a great duet pair who had given to music lovers, some wonderful and unforgettable songs. No amount of praise can ever be sufficient to express our gratitude towards the most melodious singer pair ever, for their stupendous contribution to the Hindi music industry. They have managed to enthrall, enliven, mystify, sadden, gladden, depress and cheer fans with their songs for no less than twenty years, and continue to do so with the unreproducible legacy they have left behind.

List of songs sung by Geeta Dutt with Rafi
Year Film Track Co-Singer Music Lyrics Remarks
1946 Man Sarovar Jay hind...,ye hind ki kahaniyan Bina Pani,Chorus S.N.Tripathi - -
1947 Sajan Ham banjare Lalita Deolkar,male voice C.Ramchander - -
1947 Sajan Sanmbhal sanmbahl ke jaiyyo Lalita Deolkar,male voice C.Ramchander - -
1948 Chunariya Phool ko bhool kar - Hansraj Behl - -
1949 Hamari Manzil Andhere se..Kante banenge kaliyan S D Batish & Others Husunlal Bhagatram - -
1949 Hamari Manzil Badla huwa..who aur zamana tha S D Batish & Others Husunlal Bhagatram - -
1949 Karvat Gaya andhera.. Jaag uthe insaan other voice,chorus - Hansraj Behl - -
1949 Naach Lab pe hai faryaad Lata Husunlal Bhagatram - -
1949 Naach Kyun karta man jawani ka Lata Husunlal Bhagatram - -
1949 Naach Dil kisise lagake..Dil zakhmon se choor Lata Husunlal Bhagatram - -
1950 Bawraa Shama jalti hai to - Krishna Dayal - -
1950 Aadhi Raat Dil kisise lagake..Dil zakhmon se choor - Husunlal Bhagatram - -
1950 Gauna Mujhse yeh keh rahi hai tasvir ki lakiren hamshad Begum Chitragupt - -
1950 Hamara Ghar Chupke chupke dil mein ane wale - Chitragupt - -
1950 Hamara Ghar Chandini chitki huwi hai - Chitragupt - -
1950 Kahmosh Sipahi Jhhom jhoom kar badal aye - Hansraj Behl - -
1950 Kahmosh Sipahi Ab kisko sunayen gham ke fasane - Hansraj Behl - -
1950 Kahmosh Sipahi Utho bulbulo tod teeliyan - Hansraj Behl - -
1950 Kahmosh Sipahi Mere jaisi nahin milegi naar bholi bhali - Hansraj Behl - -
1950 Kisi Ki Yaad Kabhi ye saathna chote And with Paro - Hansraj Behl - -
1950 Sheesh Mahal Ham khetonke maharaj Pushpa Hans Vasant Desai - -
1950 Sheesh Mahal Jise dhoondti phirti hai..Tu wahi to nahin Pushpa Hans Vasant Desai - -
1950 shri ganesh mahima Man mohan raas rachayo madhuban mein S N Tripathi - - - -
1950 Veer Babruvahan Door desh se aya Binapani,male voice, others Chitragupt - -
1950 Veer Babruvahan Sab sapne pure aaj huwe, chamke asha ke tare - Chitragupt - -
1951 Hamari Shaan Ye taron bhari raat hamen yaad - Chitragupt - -
1951 Hamari Shaan Ham tumse puchte hain - Chitragupt - -
1951 hulchal o bichade huye saathi - Mohd Shafi - -
1951 Kashmir Utho watan ke naujawan Pramodini Hansraj Behl - -
1951 Nakhare Hamne bhi pyar kiya pyar kiya Lata Hansraj Behl - -
1951 Naujawan Pangaht pe dekho ayee milan ki bela - S.D.Burman - -
1951 Naujawan Ho jhanak jhanak ..Ho sun le zara - S.D.Burman - -
1952 Neelam Pari Chahe qismat hamko rulaye - KhursheedAnweer - -
1952 Parbat Kya bataon mohabat hai kya Lata ShankarJaikishan - -
1952 Tarang Sawan barse kari badariya..mashal jale sari Shamshad Begum Chitragupt - -
1952 Tarang Badi mushkil se aysi sham ayi hai Chitragupt - - -
1953 Daana Paani Jivan hai kya dhalta sooraj - Mohan Junior - -
1953 Jeevan Jyoti O lag gayi ankhiyan - S.D. Burman - -
1953 Nav Durga Cham cham nache mere nainon me pyar - S.N. Tripathi - -
1953 Nav Durga Hum aur tum jo mil gaye to khil gayi bahar - S.N. Tripathi - -
1954 Aar Paar Sun sun zalima - O.P Nayyar - -
1954 Aar Paar Mohabat karlo ji - O.P Nayyar - -
1954 Aar Paar mohabbat kar lo Suman Kalyanpur,chorus O.P Nayyar - -
1954 Aar Paar Are na na na...tauba tauba, mai na pyar karungi - O.P Nayyar - -
1954 Khushboo Ek ladka ek ladki - Shanker Lal - -
1955 Do Dulhe Mai bhi jawan hun tum bhi jawan - B.S. Kalla - -
1955 Kundan Meri jaan ghair ko tum pan khilaya na karo - Ghulam Mohd - -
1955 Milaap Bachna zara ye zamana hai bura - S.D.Burman - -
1955 Mr. & Mrs. 55 Udhar tum haseen ho - O.P. Nayyar - -
1955 Mr. & Mrs. 55 Jane kahan mera jigar gaya jee - O.P. Nayyar - -
1955 Mr. & Mrs. 55 Chal diye banda nawaz chedkar mere dil ka tar - O.P. Nayyar - -
1955 Musafir Khana Acha ji maaf kardo thoda insaf kardo - O.P. Nayyar - -
1955 Raaj Darbar Ye paapi jiyara dole - Chitragupt - -
1955 Riyasat Asi nazren na daal karle khayal - Avinash Vyas - -
1955 Sau Ka Note Chalo chalo rani na karo maan - S. Mohinder - -
1955 Society Raham kabhi to farmao, aao meri laila - S.D. Burman - -
1955 Son Of Alibaba Aise na ghoor ghoor ke dekh hamen - Sardul Kwatra - -
1955 Madhur Milan Ek Taraf..Joru ne nikala hai diwala - A.R. Oza, Bulo C.Rani - -
1956 BadshahSalamat Zara dekh idhar - Bulo C.Rani - -
1956 Bhagam Bhaag Darshan kab doge - O.P Nayyar - -
1956 Khul Ja Sim Sim tera gunahgar banda Shashi Raj - Hansraj Behl - -
1956 C.I.D. Aye dil mushkil jeena yaha - O.P Nayyar - -
1956 C.I.D. Ankhon hi ankhon mein - O.P Nayyar - -
1956 Charminar. Daudao jo chor chor bhaga dil churake - Sardul Kwatra - -
1956 Choomantar Ghareeb janke ke hamko na tum mita dena - O.P Nayyar - -
1956 Choomantar Gham nahinkar muskura - O.P Nayyar - -
1956 Guru Ghantaal Yeh kaisa yog liya sarkar - Lachhiram - -
1956 Mr. Lambu O mere dildar karke hamse naina chaar - O.P Nayyar - -
1956 Shrimati 420 ahan hum wahan tum, mera dil juwa gham - O.P Nayyar - -
1956 Shrimati 420 humko chhod ke kahan jaaoge - O.P Nayyar - -
1957 Agra Road Dniya ki nazar hai buri zulfen na sanwar karo - Roshan - -
1957 Agra Road Gunahon ka chiragh kabhi na jal sakega papiyo Shamshad Begum - Roshan - -
1957 Agra Road Duniya ki nazar hai buri zulfen na sanwara karo - Roshan - -
1957 Agra Road Unki rippi tippi hogaya - Roshan - -
1957 Agra Road Ghazab hua raam julam hua raam dil kho baithi - Roshan - -
1957 Aadhi Roti Teri duniya me akar..dila do ek roti - Avinash Vyas - -
1957 Aadhi Roti Na to pita ka pyar milega..soja mere laal soja - Avinash Vyas - -
1957 Balyogi Upamanyu Sukhi nahin who jo..bhaiya kam karo mat aram Usha Mangeshkar - Chitragupt - -
1957 Bade Sarkar Jahan jahan khayal jaata hai wahan wahan - O.P Nayyar - -
1957 Do Roti Ghir ke barse ghatayen to maza ajayega - Roshan - -
1957 Hill Station Gori Gori pahali kalaye re balma - Hemant Kumar - -
1957 Johny Walker Bachke balam chal ke rasta hai mushkil - O.P Nayyar - -
1957 Mai Baap Tu dil mera lauta de angrezi shahzade - O.P Nayyar - -
1957 Mai Baap Dekhoji dekho meethi ada se - O.P Nayyar - -
1957 Mr. X Sadke teri chaal ke - N. Dutta - -
1957 Pyaasa Ham apki ankhon mein - S.D Burman - -
1957 Pyaasa Ho laakh museebat raste mein - S.D Burman - -
1957 Samundar Lo aya dekho dekh ke dil bhi hamara - Madan Mohan - -
1957 Samundar Gao re gao re khushiyon ka tarana - Madan Mohan - -
1957 Ustaad Kya dil mein chupa hai tere ye to bata - O.P Nayyar - -
1958 Chaal Baaz Dinak(3) naach..Ambawa ki daal pe jhoole pade Usha Mangeshka Chitragupt - -
1958 Chaal Baaz Ho chat mangni to pat shaadi - Chitragupt - -
1958 Chandoo Gore gore galon pe kala kaala til hai - Bipin Babul - -
1958 Detective Kal talak ham theek tha - Mukul Roy - -
1958 Detective Aaj karle muqabla ye baazi pyar ki - Mukul Roy - -
1958 10 'O Clock O soniye soniye jab jeet huwi hamari - Ram Ganguly - -
1958 Ek Shola Ham kaala tum white ab apna hai day night - Madan Mohan - -
1958 Light House Aaa chori aa ..jaa chora jaa jaa.. - N. Dutta - -
1958 Milan Aye beewi ji maine kaha ji ye mausam hai - Hansraj Behl - -
1958 Naya Paisa Mera dil tujhpe qurban hai - S. Mohinder - -
1958 Panchayat Haal ye kar diya zalim tere tadapne ne - Iqbal Qureshi - -
1958 Panchayat Chunak chunak...taam tai thaiya - Iqbal Qureshi - -
1958 Raaj Simhasan Do do ane chaku char ane kataari dil le badle - Chitragupt - -
1958 Sindbad Ki Beti Ek dil liya ek dil diya - Chitragupt - -
1958 Sindbad Ki Beti Suniye suniye hamara fasana dil na jane kahan - Chitragupt - -
1958 Son Of Sindbad Qadmon mein hamari manzil..Toofanon se khele - Chitragupt - -
1958 Son Of Sindbad Kabhi to haan haan kaho na, na na ji na na na - Chitragupt - -
1958 Taxi 555 Koyi chand koi taara dekh tujhsa na pyaara - Sardar Malik - -
1958 12 'O Clock Tum jo huwe mere ham safar - O.P. Nayyar - -
1958 12 'O Clock Dekh idha haseen june ka hai mahina - O.P. Nayyar - -
1958 sadhna dwar khule..tora manwa - N. Dutta - -
1959 Ardhangni Kal sajan milna yahan - Vasant Desai - -
1959 Ardhangni Dil ham to haare tum kaho - Vasant Desai - -
1959 Ardhangni Tune jo idhar dekha maine bhi udhar dekha - Vasant Desai - -
1959 Bedard Zamana Kya Jane O bachke..oonchi edi wale - Kalyanji Veerji Shah - -
1959 Bhai Bahen Jaat jate isharon se mar gaye - N. Dutta - -
1959 Daaka Dil phanse dekar jhanse hay teri nazar - Chitragupt - -
1956 Doctor Z Ye bheegi bheegi raat - Manohar - -
1959 Jawaani KI Hawa Kaun jane re baba duniya me peer parayi asha Ravi - -
1959 Kangan Jawab nahin gore mukhde par til kale ka - Chitragupt - -
1959 Love Marriage Dils se dil takraye, phir donon ghabraye - Shailendra - -
1956 Mr. John Tip tip tip too to mera dil hai - N. Dutta - -
1959 Nach Ghar Mai hun mister John watan hai mera faan - N. Dutta - -
1959 Pyar Ki Rahen Ghar wale ghar nahin hame kisika dar nahin - Kanu Ghosh - -
1959 Pyar Ki Rahen Dekho ji akeli ayajaya na karo - Kanu Ghosh - -
1959 School Master Hello hello meri chamak challo - Vasant Desai - -
1960 Baaraat Zalim kahna maan lachakti chaal na khakar paan - Chitragupt - -
1960 Baaraat Aji ab kaha maan jao tum hi bade mai choti - Chitragupt - -
1960 Black Tiger O meri gaadi gaadi kaun kehta khatari - Bulo C.Rani - -
1960 Chandramukhi Nadi kinare koi pukare paas hamare aa - S.N. Tripathi - -
1960 Doctor Shaitan Tum mile who din dhale piche ham chale - N. Dutta - -
1960 Ek Ke Baad Ek Batao kya karungi mai jo gham ki raat ayegi - S.D. Burman - -
1960 Ek Ke Baad Ek Rhim jhim ke tarane leke ayi barsaat - S.D. Burman - -
1960 Manzil Chupke se mile pyase pyase kuch ham kuch tum - S.D. Burman - -
1960 Miya Biwi Razi Pa ma ga ma ..Tune diya hai dil ab kya hoga - S.D. Burman - -
1960 Nache Nagin Baje Been Khadi re khadi re kab se dekh raja jaani haye - Chitragupt - -
1960 Police Detective Ee mera dil churane wale - Chitragupt - -
1960 Rickshawala Pandit ho ya lala ya Gandhi topiwala - N. Dutta - -
1960 Superman Thodi thodi gori hai thodi thodi kali hai - Sardar Malik - -
1960 Zimbo Comes To Town Dekh mera dil na jala maan ja meri laila - Chitragupt - -
1960 Ham Matwale Naujawan Meri gali chokre ji aya na karo - Chitragupt - -
1961 Khiladi Hato hato jao ji jhooti batiyan na banao - Sardul Kwatra - -
1961 Kismat Palat Ke Dekh Koyi gori gulabi si ladki muskurayi to bijli si kadki - Gunjan - -
1961 Pyar Ki Dastan Kahan chali re chali re kahan chali meri tara ru ru - Nashaad - -
1961 Pyar Ki Dastan Chakayiki chak dam, aya diwana dil rakh ke taali - Nashaad - -
1961 Tel Malish Boot Polish Lo aya Japanwala sab se alishan wala - Chitragupt - -
1961 Baghdad Ki Raten Sunlo kehte kya hain ye nazare paas awo - D. Dilip - -
1961 Zabak Ya ustadul zama..Teri taqdeer ka sitara kamal hai - Chitragupt - -
1962 Gangu Yeh gora gora mukhda ye kala kala til - Kalyanji Anandji - -
1962 Aawara Abdulla Aawara Abdulla ye pyar ka halla gulla - N. Dutta - -
1962 Aawara Abdulla Ham hain awara to kya hai dil to duniya se juda hai - N. Dutta - -
1962 Band Master Teri nazar me main rahun meri nazar me tu - Chitragupt - -
1966 Susheela Gori mil ana min anare nadiya ke paar - C. Arjun - -
1964 Tarzan & Captain Kishore Hato jao ji sanam na ji chedo balam - Manohar / S.Kishen - -
1964 Haqdar Agar ham tumhe dekh kar..Jinhe rukh se parda Nirmala & Mannadey Bulo C.Rani - -
1966 Pyar Ki Baazi Hame pyar karne na dega zamana - Jimmy - -
1966 Professor X Aana tha ithivaar ko ayi ho budhvaar ko - S. Mohinder - -
1972 Subah Zaroor Ayegi Gori mil ana min anare nadiya ke paar - C. Arjun - -
198x Sajan ki galiyan/film hi film[83] Hum khoob jante hain suman Shankar Jaikishan - -
1950's Poojya Gandhiji Unreleased Tore bina raja mohe chain kahan - S.N. Nandi - -
1960's Black Prince Unreleased In kaali kaali ankhon mein - Dulal Sen - -
1960's Raat ki uljhan gul khile ya na khile - Salil Chaudhary - -
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