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(1930 - 1972)

This is a just a little note to express our deepest gratitude to those who have come forward and contributed generously without which this site couldn’t have been a possibility. Understandably there are many persons who have gone out of their way to assist and aid the team in launching this site.

First, we would like to thank the Admins of for the faith they have placed on our abilities to come out with this site. They graciously agreed to host the website which ensured a long time continued patronage. Without them, this site wouldn't have seen the light of the day. Hence our deepest gratitude lies with them.

Next we would like to thank all those selfless people who have come forward to volunteer their services by contributing in various ways. There was so much abundance of love and harmony between them that it proved to be the catalyst for the whole tedious exercise. With their entry, this has become a labor of love which was thoroughly gratifying and fulfilling. Even though the contributors are scattered all over the globe physically, their mutual love and admiration for each other and towards Geeta Dutt has made this possible. All of them defied the generally accepted time schedules to burn the midnight oil and give shape to this dream project.

Even as some chose to write something on a topic which they felt close to their hearts, some chose to spend hours on editing / formatting the texts to make them extremely readable. Some of them prepared the voluminous databases on which the entire work stood. Some of them are so generous to share their collection of songs of Geeta Dutt with us, so that we can come out with the articles. Some of those busy professionals thought it fit to spend so much time on the graphics and other multimedia effects, the site turned out to be a wonderfully aesthetic and attractive entourage. There was no dearth of helping hands all through the endeavor which goes to show the love and affection they felt towards the departed singing sensation of yesteryears, Geeta Dutt. This feeling indeed surpasses the expression any language can generate.

Some of them are professionals involved in various jobs, some are into businesses, some are house wives who chose to spend their extra hours for this work and lastly some of them are students involved with their academic works. The one common thing which drove them all is to give out their best to this Site. We would like to thank every one of them for their zealousness and charity. No amount of words will be sufficient to convey the gratitude we feel towards these people.

We are taking this opportunity to thank one and all for their immense contributions. The names listed below are not in any kind of specific order. Please forgive us if we have missed some names here.

Mahesh: Dr. Mahesh sahab has a lion's share in this entire project. It would not have been possible to bring up this site without the extensive ground work Mahesh has done for last 3-4 years. We got so many songs, so many references, so many bits and pieces of information and song lists from your threads. It will not be an exaggeration to say that your reasearch is the pillars on which the site is built. Thanks Mahesh. Please accept our sincerest thanks.

Mahesh KS, Waheed, Erum ji, Alybaba, Dharmvir, Cm2, BC, Balaji, Faizel, Sangeetbhakt, Prof ji : the list is endless: Thanks to all the generous individuals who have been sharing one after another rare songs of Geeta ji. All these songs formed basis for many write-ups, the data base and so many other sections. Thank you all.

Parag : You have been a great leading light for the team. Your endless energy,knowledge, search for perfection, management and literary skills has ensured the site work reached its logical conclusion. You have been the motivator and also the candle in moments of darkness. Thanks for being you.

Frangipani : FP, you have been a great support. We are extremely thankful to God that you took the initiative of writing to me and shown such a great interest in this project. In spite of the fact that you are busy with your thesis, we kept on troubling you on regular basis. And we always got fantastic help from you..can not imagine how we sent the SOS message to you just hours before the launching. And what we got was a great response from you in a jiffy. Its a highest honour for the team that you were there for the project whenever we needed your help. You are an angel.

Swarapriya : My dream became "our" dream! What a great dedication, research and efforts you have put in. Unparallel is the only word coming to my mind. Over and above the sections you worked on, you were always there to review practically each and every write-up! We always got best recommendations from you. Truly an inspiration. Million thanks Swarapriya!

Subir Biswas : The silent force behind all the beautiful look and feel of the site. The love, affection and admiration you have for Geeta ji's songs is evident in your art. Subir bhai, you deserve a standing ovation for your commitment, great help and original ideas. We missed you on the launching date as you were on vacation. The ever-smiling, ever creative genius of the team! Thank you Subir bhai.

Hildebrand : A die hard fan, with great multidimensional skills. Great conceptualization and original ideas. What a combination! In spite of your busy study schedules, we consistently got your help. Will look forward to more help when you have some free time on the site promotion. A great guy with strong technical concepts. A great asset to the team. Thanks buddy, you are one of a kind.

Anupama : A force which has been with the project since its inception two years ago. Great on the details and ever willing to help the best way you can. And even when you are on your annual vacation, you worked for an important section of the site. One can learn "Never say die" attitude from you. A great friend, a great human being and a genuine well-wisher. Anu, thank you so much. You are truly an angel.

Saksham : A college kid helping for a project dedicated to a legendary artist who passed away many years even before his birth! Probably the youngest team member, and what a fantastic efforts you have put! Members like me who are probably twice your age can learn quite a few things from you. Just like every one, you had your assignments/studies and what not, still you helped us going out of the way. We are so proud of you, you and HB are truly greatest assets of the team. We will need more help from you when you have some free time. You are the best! Thank you kid brother!

Devji : A kind soul willing to help in whichever best possible way he can. Thank you Devji bhai. Aap ka bahut dhanywaad. Please keep writting to us whenever you have any information to share with us.

Gop : Great encouragement and friendly support. A Geeta ji fan from the "Land of the Gods". Thanks Gop for helping us. We had so many sections to cover and we requested your help. You offered your best help with great efforts. Thanks again.

HumTum : Some one who is not so confident of writting an article but helped us immensely with so much of technical things. Your command on the tools is amazing. We kept on sending requests after requests to you, and you were always ahead of the time to complete them for us. The amount of research you have done for us is so valuable. You deserve a big round of applause HT bhai. Thank you so much.

Deewani : Though we approached you at a very late phase in the project, still you were exrtremely resourceful and helpful. Thanks D. When time permits, please write to us if you can help us in improving the site in any way.

Jaishri ji : Your one tribute is worth a thousand articles! It is our privilege that some one who has actually seen Geeta ji in person has been associated with this dream project. Thank you Jaishree ji. You have such a genuine affection for Geeta ji and it is so evident in what you wrote.

KKFan : A force behind this project, a great friend and even greater human being. You did not lose the trust in the team when the project came to a halt when it was started first. We gathered ourselves together and made it happen this time. Its all because of your trust in us. Thank you KKFan. We did it because we had your blessings. (It does not matter whose age is what! What matters most is the integrity.)

Abhay : Though a relatively late addition to the team, you were extremely resourceful and helpful. Excellent writting skills and attention to details are your strengths. Thanks Abhay for every thing. We will keep you busy with requests for more help for the site upgrades. Your network and contacts in HFM lovers made a great contribution to the important sections of the site. I had sleepless nights for several weeks before you got me in touch with Chetan. Thanks Abhay.

Ajay Pandey : A great support and encouragement. One single request and you promptly agreed to help us. Thanks Ajay for your help. We will look forward to more participation from you on the site and Geeta ji's forum.

Marcilo : We kept on pushing you for help and your ideas were slightly different than ours. Still you have been a great support. Thanks Marcilo. We sincerely appreciate your help.

Madhavi : A great friend and a force which has been with the project since its inception two years ago. This time around due to personal reasons, you were occupied. We understand it and we will look forward to hear from you when you have some free time. You are a great soul, thanks Madhavi.

Pratul : Another friend whom we approached at a very late phase in the project, still you were exrtremely resourceful and helpful. Thanks Pratul. We will need all the help from you in making this site better in the coming days.

Rinki : A great music lover who is away from HF for quite some time. The passion and warmth with which you shared some special songs with us deserves a big round of applause for you. Thanks Rinki. We hope you will visit the site and help us in making this site better.

And the last one is special for the special friend who helped in every possible way to make this happen

Simplefable Venkat : A true friend, a great support and one of the most energetic person with such a positive frame of mind. Even though you joined the project when it was re-started, it seems as if you are involved in it right from the day one. We did it as a team and worked in tandem. In the last few weeks I made you dedicate yourself more than 16 hours a day and you did it all for this great cause. Even when I was down and out, you managed to keep the things floating. We missed you at the time of the Radio program since you had connectivity problems but we all could feel your presence there. Let us work with even more dedication to make this site better. After all its the tribute from all of us to our beloved singer Geeta ji. We have no words to express our feelings. You are the BEST!

Our acknowledgements wouldn't be complete without thanking Shri Harmandir Singh 'Hamraaz' ji (Kanpur) and Shri Biswanath Chatterjee (Nagpur) for all the great work done by them in compiling the Hindi Film Geet Kosh which has been extremely helpful in cross-checking and obtaining various information related to Geeta ji's songs. May your tribe increase.

We were also fortunate to get help from some true HFM lovers from the RMIM group. Ritu, Srinivas Ganti, Chetan Vinchhi, Ashish Thakkar, Abhay Jain ji, Vish Krishnan, Prof ji (Dr. Surjit Singh) and Dr. Guha ji and many more... Thank you all for your help. Special thanks to Dr. Guha ji for helping us with so much of information and helping us in connecting with the media. And its none other than Ritu who helped us to actually launch the site on 23rd. She was there when we really needed help to make the site live, and Ritu came in the form of an Angel to help us with that. Thanks a lot Ritu.

We have collected information, songs, lists, trivia, photos and lots of information from various sites on the internet. We thank the internet community as a whole for all of this.

A very big source of strength for us has been Mrs Haimanti Banerjee, the author of Geeta ji's biography Geeta Dutt: The Skylark who has done extensive research on Geeta ji and her book is a delight to read. Thanks mam for all your encouragement and help.

Finally we would like to thank the people who really made it possible. They are the persons who are in every nook and corner of the World. They have nothing in common except one thing, their love for the music of Geeta Dutt. They are the persons who gave us the impetus to work on this site and make it available to the world. We would request each and every one of them to extend their patronage to this website and aid us in continuous updating and evaluation.

We were in urgent need for a good menu based system for our website to improve its navigability. Among the many options we zeroed in on Milonic Javascript Menu because it is very easy to configure and customise. In addition lots of help (and useful examples) available on the website. We are also amazed at the wonderful compatibility with different browsers it gave. We didn't have to tweak it for any platform or browser! We encourage all to use this excellent menu system.

And finally, We would like to offer our deepest feelings of gratitude to the departed Diva Geeta Dutt for enriching our mundane lives with her music which is at once spell binding and enthralling. This is just a little effort to give her back what we had in our hearts…our love for her…what more can we say…except in her own words…

Naina thake thake Piya Dheere Dheere Chalo Aao..Chale Aao..

Koi door se Aawaz de Chale Aao

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