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(1930 - 1972)
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   Career in late 50's

   Last phase of her career

There is so little activity went on for Geetaji during the years of 1966 to 1969. It is so hard to believe that a great talent like Geetaji, who ruled the world of singing, who mesmerized music loving people all over India, went into obscurity and oblivion during these last years of her singing. It is such a heartbreaking story to think of so much talent going completely unnoticed, unrecognized and bypassed. Geetaji, who once took the nation by storm with her God-given gifted voice, was no more recognized as a part of the main-stream playback singing group.

Still Geetaji sang in six movies in 1966. Here are the details of these. For Jimmi’s “Duniya Hai Dilwalon Ki” she had a duet with Minu Purshottam. For Basant Parakah’s “Hum Kahan Jaa Rahe Hain” she had a duet with Mahendra Kapoor. In Robin Banerjee’s “Husn Ka Ghulam” she sang a solo. In S. Mohinder’s “Professor X” she had a solo. For C. Arjun’s “Sushila” (“she sang a duet with Mohd. Rafi. Finally for Kanu Roy’s “Uski Kahani” she recorded a solo.

In 1967, Geetaji sang in four different movies and a fifth one that was a reissue of “Sachche Moti”, this time under a different name “Rajoo”. The movies she sang that were released in 1967 were Dhaniram’s “Awara Ladki” (a solo), Jaidev’s “Hamare Gham Se Mat Khelo” (a solo), a solo in Vedpal Verma’s “Maya Sundari”, for Jimmi’s “Pyaar Ki Kahani” she sang a duet with Mohd. Rafi and also a solo. In N. Dutta’s “Rajoo” she sang two solos.

During 1967 Geetaji acted as the leading lady in a Bengali movie called “Badhubaran”. This was released in February 1967. It was directed by Dilip Nag. The music was composed by Kamal Dasgupta. Her leading man in the movie was Pradeep Kumar. Rakhi Biswas played the role of younger Geetaji in the movie. Ms. Biswas became a character actress in Hindi of good reputation. She was married to lyricist Gulzarji and was known as Rakhee Gulzar. Like rest of her life during this time in her career, this movie with Geetaji as its leading lady had a dismal showing.

In 1968, Geetaji sang a duet with Suman Kalyanpur and Mohd.Rafi for Shankar & Jaikishan in “Sajan Ki Galiyan”. However this film, a Sadhna-Dev Anand starrer never got released. This same song was later used in “Film Hi Film” released in 1983. This was the only movie of record for the year 1968.

In 1969 she sang in just one movie. It was in Ravi’s “Hanuman Chalisa” (a solo) .

Geetaji’s singing history for films during the years 1966-1969 are summarized in the table starting on the next page. Please note that this information is not complete.
Film Songs Of Geeta Roy In 1966
Song Singer(s) Movie Music Lyrics
Gori Gori Gori Veena Tera Dil Hai Kis Ne Cheena Geeta Dutt & Minu Purshottam Duniya Hai Dilwalon Ki Jimmi Noor Devasi
Rukh Pe Powder Lab Pe Surkhi Geeta Dutt & Mahendra Kapoor Hum Kahan Jaa Rahe Hain Basant Prakash Qamar Jalalabadi
Paseena Ponchiye Ab Na Ghabraaiye Geeta Dutt Husn Ka Ghulam Robin Banerjee Yogesh
Shokh Nazaron Ka Ishaara Ho Gaya? Geeta Dutt Professor X S. Mohinder Anand Bakshi
Gori Milna Ho Milna Geeta Dutt & Mohd. Rafi Sushil C. Arjun Indeewar
Aaj Ki Kaali Ghata Mast Matwaali Ghata Geeta Dutt Uski Kahani Kanu Roy Kaifi Azmi
Film Songs Of Geeta Roy In 1967
Song Singer(s) Movie Music Lyrics
Zaalim Pyaar Zaalim Pyaar Geeta Dutt Awara Ladki Dhaniram Kaif Irfani
Yeh Khamoshi Kyon Yeh Madhoshi Kyon Geeta Dutt Hamare Gham Se Mat Khelo Jaidev Nyaya Sharma
Lehron Mein Chhipa Kinaara Raat Mein Chhipa Savera Geeta Dutt Maya Sundari Vedpal Verma S.K. Deepak
Humen Pyaar Karne Na Degaa Zamaana Geeta Dutt & Mohd. Rafi Pyaar Ki Kahani Jimmi Indeewar
Nazar Bhar Dekht Kaahe Naiya Ho Geeta Dutt Pyaar Ki Kahani Jimmi Indeewar
Arre O Deewaane Khushi Ke Zamaane Phir Nahin Aane Geeta Dutt Rajoo N. Dutta Sahir Ludhianvi
Mere Munne Re Seedhi Raah Pe Chalna Geeta Dutt Rajoo N. Dutta Sahir Ludhianvi
Film Songs Of Geeta Roy In 1968
Song Singer(s) Movie Music Lyrics
Hum Khoob Jaante Hain Geeta Dutt, Asha Bhosle & Mohd. Rafi Sajan Ki Galiyan Shankar & Jaikishan Indeewar
Film Songs Of Geeta Roy In 1969
Song Singer(s) Movie Music Lyrics
Koi Kehde Re Koi Kehde Kyon Geeta Dutt Hanuman Chalisa Ravi -
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