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(1930 - 1972)
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   Marriage to Guru Dutt

   Career in late 50's

   Last phase of her career

By early 1965 Geetaji recovered from the mental breakdown she suffered after her husband’s unexpected death. Shattered and devastated, she was slowly trying put her life together again, one piece at a time. She was facing a helpless situation. Day by day she was becoming hopeless. Whatever comfort she found it was when she was around her children or in alcohol. The situation was already in dire straits.

Amidst all this there was hardly anyone coming forward to have her sing in their films. Her great singing voice was still intact. But people had doubts. As a consequence she worked in only four movies during 1965.

In 1965, she sang for an old friend, Bulo C. Rani, for the last time in her life, in the movie “Chhupa Rustom”. For another old friend, Hansraj Behl, she performed a solo. The movie was “Sikander-E-Azam”. This will be the last time she will be singing for him also. For Daan Singh she sang a solo in “Mere Humnasheen”. She sang two solos and a duet (all the same song) for J.P. Kaushik in “Asmaan Mahal”. The song “Aye Raat Zara Aahista Guzar” was a smash hit. Geetaji had still so much going with her vocal abilities that even in a handful of songs she sang she could still belt out chartbusters.

Geetaji’s singing history for films in 1965 is summarized in the table given below. Please note that this information is not complete.

Film Songs Of Geeta Roy In 1965
Song Singer(s) Movie Music Lyrics
? Geeta Dutt Chhupa Rustom Bulo C. Rani -
Mere Humnasheen Geeta Dutt Bhool Na Jaana Daan Singh Hari Ram Acharya
Pilayee Tune O Saakiya Geeta Dutt Sikander-E-Azam Hansraj Behl Rajinder Krishan
Aye Raat Zara Aahista Guzar (D) Geeta Dutt & Madhukar Asmaan Mahal J.P. Kaushik Ali Sardar Jafri
Aye Raat Zara AahistaGuzar-1 (S) Geeta Dutt Asmaan Mahal J.P. Kaushik Ali Sardar Jafri
Aye Raat Zara Aahista Guzar-2 (S) Geeta Dutt Asmaan Mahal J.P. Kaushik Ali Sardar Jafri
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