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(1930 - 1972)
   Beautiful voice Personified

   Early years of struggle

   Career in late 40's

   Career in early 50's

   Marriage to Guru Dutt

   Career in late 50's

   Last phase of her career

Her marital problems were taking a heavy toll on Geetaji. It appeared on the surface that this may slow down her singing assignments, but she still managed to sing in 30 or so movies. Number of songs she sang in these went down considerably, but she was still busy. She was very talented and music composers of the time were very much aware of this. Most of the songs she sang were unequivocal hits and this did not go unnoticed by them. They were still willing to put up with her tardiness or irregular attendance for recordings just to have her sing. It was a sure thing, like money in the bank. There was so much magic in her melodious voice that they were willing to forgive her transgressions.

Burmanda, who had Asha Bhosle singing most of his songs at this time, was still fond of Geetaji’s superlative talented vocals. This found her singing in four of his films. These were “Ek Ke Baad Ek” (two duets), “Kala Bazaar” (two duets), “Manzil” (a duet), and “Miya Bibi Raazi” (a duet). Even though all these were popular songs, yet there were few standouts among these. The duet, “Rimjhim Ke Tarane Leke”, with Mohd. Rafi in “Kala Bazaar” makes as if monsoons came alive. Here she was singing for Madhubala. In 1955 she sang a solo for Madhubala, “Thandi Hawa Kaali Ghata”, in “Mr. & Mrs. ‘55” (O.P. Nayyar was its composer). That song was like a cool evening breeze of a hot summer night. One can feel when Geetaji was singing for Madhubala that charming free spiritedness and engaging exuberance imprinted in the song all over. Another duet, “Chup Ke Se Mile Pyaase Pyaase”, from “Manzil”, again with Rafi Saheb, is one of those gems. It was beautifully composed by Burmanda. The song starts slowly with Geetaji’s soft-spoken and sweet words culminating in a breezy song. A beautiful listening experience.

Chitraguptji was there again in 1960. Geetaji sang in five of his films during that year. These were “Baraat” (two duets), “Maa Baap” (a duet), “Naache Nagin Baaje Been” (a duet), “Police Detective” (a duet), and “Zimbo Shehar Mein” (a solo and a duet).

For Avinash Vyas, in “Bhakta Raj” Geetaji sang two solos and a duet. Hansraj Behl is another Geetaji music director who had her sing in two of his films. These were “Miss Good Night” a solo and “Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh” (a duet). In “Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere”, for which Kalyanji & Anandji provided the music, Geetaji had a solo and a duet. Khayyam composed couple of solos of Geetaji for his film “Bombai Ki Billi”. She sang a duet in S. Mohinder’s “Mehlon Ke Khwab” .

For Hemant Kumar’s “Duniya Jhukti Hai” Geetaji sang a duet., “Gum Sum Sa Ye Jahan” This was with Hemantda himself. This is one lovely duet. The combination of Geetaji and Hemantda provided several winners. This duet also was one of them. The appeal of these duets partly stems from the contrast in the voices of these two great singers.

N. Dutta was a beneficiary of Geetaji’s talents where he utilized her singing abilities in two of his films in 1960. These were “Dr. Shaitan” (two solos and two duets) and “Rickshawala” (a duet). The duet “Pandit Ho Ya Laala” with Mohd. Rafi in “Rickshawala” is a fun-filled song that was sung in a very light vein.

Geetaji sang for composer Ravi’s two movies. These were “Apna Ghar” (a solo) and “Chaudhvin Ka Chand” (a solo). The latter was produced by her husband Guru Dutt. The songs in this movie were all major hits. All other female songs except this solo, “Balam Se Milan Hoga”, were sung by Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, and Shamshad Begum. This was a clear reflection of the problems Geetaji was having in her marriage. She could sing just one song in her own husband’s movie.

S.N. Tripathi was another music director who consistently utilized Geetaji’s singing talents. In 1960, he had her sing in two of his movies. These were “Chandramukhi” (a duet) and “Do Aadmi” (a solo). Both these songs were popular. The duet, “Nadi Kinare Koi Pukaare” with Mohd. Rafi was a melodious duet. Tripathiji was typecast into mostly mythological type of movies but some of his compositions had the ring of melody that stirs feelings deep in your heart. Geetaji’s solo, “Bheegi Bheegi Mehki Mehki Raat Hai” leaves you in a similar state of contentful happiness.

Geetaji sang in two movies for Sardar Malik in 1960. In the history making “Saranga” she sang a couple of “dohe”. She also sang a duet with Mohd. Rafi in “Superman” .

There are several other music directors with whom Geetaji worked in 1960. These include Salil Chowdhury in “Raat Ki Uljhan” (a duet), Shankar & Jaikishan in “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai” (Geetaji was one of the five singers who sang this song), Snehal Bhatkar in “Chhabili” (a duet with the great actress Nutan), and Usha Khanna in “Hum Hindustani” (a solo) .

Geetaji’s singing history for films in 1960 is summarized in the table starting on the next page. Please note that this information is not complete.

Film Songs Of Geeta Roy In 1960
Song Singer(s) Movie Music Lyrics
Koi Maange Sona Chaandi Geeta Dutt Bhakta Raj Avinash Vyas Bharat Vyas
Malik Ki Marzi Ke Aage Geeta Dutt & Manna Dey Bhakta Raj Avinash Vyas Bharat Vyas
Ram Paayoj Maine Geeta Dutt Bhakta Raj Avinash Vyas Bharat Vyas
Malik Ki Marzi Ke Aage Geeta Dutt & Manna Dey Bhakta Raj Avinash Vyas Bharat Vyas
O Meri Gaadi Geeta Dutt & Mohd. Rafi Black Tiger Black Tiger -
Parwana Kehta Kya Geeta Dutt & Mahendra Kapoor Black Tiger Black Tiger -
Aji Ab Kehna Maan Jaao Geeta Dutt & Mohd. Rafi Baraat Chitragupt Majrooh Sultanpuri
Zaalim Kehna Maan Geeta Dutt & Mohd. Rafi Baraat Chitragupt -
Yeh Duniya Ek Mela Hai Geeta Dutt & Usha Mangeshkar Maa Baap Chitragupt -
Khadi Re Khadi Re Kab Se Dekh Raja Jaani Geeta Dutt & Mohd. Rafi Naache Nagin Baaje Been Chitragupt -
Aye Aye Aye Mere Dil Churanewale Geeta Dutt & Mohd. Rafi Police Detective Chitragupt -
Dekh Mera Dil Na Jalaa Geeta Dutt & Mohd. Rafi Zimbo Shehar Mein - -
Mausam Bada Hai Rangila Geeta Dutt Zimbo Shehar Mein - -
No No Don’t Geeta Dutt Miss Good Night Hansraj Behl Prem Dhawan
Dulha Bikta Beech Bazaar-2 Geeta Dutt & Asha Bhosle Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh Hansraj Behl -
Gum Sum Sa Ye Jahane Geeta Dutt & Hemant Kumar Duniya Jhukti Hai Hemant Kumar Rajender Krishan
Are Aadmi Gareeb Ho Geeta Dutt & Mahendra Kapoor Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere Kalyanji & Anandji K.L. Pardesi
Sambhalo Di Zara Geeta Dutt Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere Kalyanji & Anandji K.L. Pardesi
Dil Ke Paar Ho Gayi Geeta Dutt Bombai Ki Bill Khayyam Hasrat Jaipuri
Dildaar Tu Hai Mera Pyaar Geeta Dutt & Manna Dey Bombai Ki Bill Khayyam Hasrat Jaipuri
Main Hoon Atom Bomb Geeta Dutt Dr. Shaitan N. Dutta Jan Nisar Akhtar
Mausam Suhana Hai Geeta Dutt & Mukesh Dr. Shaitan N. Dutta -
Na Na Na Ab Na Aake Jaana Geeta Dutt Dr. Shaitan N. Dutta -
Tum Mile Who Din Dhale Geeta Dutt & Md.Rafi Dr. Shaitan N. Dutta -
Pandit Ho Ya Laala Ya Gandhi Topiwala Geeta Dutt & Md.Rafi Rickshawala N. Dutta -
Tum Se Hi Meri Zindagi Geeta Dutt Apna Ghar Ravi Prem Dhawan
Balam Se Milan Hoga Geeta Dutt Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ravi Shakeel Badayuni
Nadi Kinare Koi Pukaare Geeta Dutt & Mohd Rafi Chandramukhi S.N. Tripathi Bharat Vyas
Bheegi Bheegi Mehki Mehki Raat Hai Geeta Dutt Do Aadmi S.N. Tripathi Prem Dhawan
Iss Duniya Mein Sab Se Achhi Geeta Dutt & Asha Bhosle Mahalon Ke Khwab S. Mohinder -
Bataao Kya Karoongi Main Geeta Dutt & Mohd. Rafi Ek Ke Baade Ek S D Buraman Majrooh Sultanpuri
Haath Pasare Raste Raste Geeta Dutt & Sudha Malhotray Ek Ke Baade Ek S D Buraman Shailendra
Na Main DhanChahun Geeta Dutt & Sudha Malhotra Kala Bazaar S D Buraman Majrooh Sultanpuri
Rimjhim Ke Tarane Leke Geeta Dutt & Mohd Rafi Kala Bazaar S D Buraman Shailendra
Chhup Ke Se Mile Pyaase Pyaase Geeta Dutt & Mohd Rafi Manzil S D Buraman Shailendra
Tu Ne Le Liya Hai Dil Ab Kya Hoga Geeta Dutt & Mohd Rafi Miya Biwi Raazi S D Buraman Shailendra
Gul Khile Ya Na Khile Geeta Dutt& Mohd Rafi Raat Ki Uljhan Salil Chowdhury Shailendra
Maa Teri Mamta Geeta Dutt Saranga Sardar Maliks Bharat Vyas
Na To Preetam Geeta Dutt Saranga Sardar Malik Bharat Vyas
Thodi Thodi Gori Hai Thodi Thodi Kaali Hai Geeta Dutt& Mohd Rafi Superman Sardar Malik -
Hum Bhi Hain Tum Bhi Ho Geeta Dutt, Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey & Mahendra Kapoor & Mukesh Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai Shankar & Jaikishan Shailendra
Yaaron Kisi Se Na Kehna Geeta Dutt & Nutan Chhabili Snehal Bhatkar S. Ratan
Tu Lage Mora Balam Geeta Dutt Hum Hindustani Usha Khanna K. Manohar
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